How my Surrogacy Journey Inspired Me to Help Others Start their own Path to Parenthood

How my Surrogacy Journey Inspired Me to Help Others Start their own Path to Parenthood

Jan 19, 2021 | Surrogacy

Words by Eran Amir | Founder of  GoStork |

My Surrogacy Journey Inspired Me to Help Others Start their own Path to Parenthood

Surrogacy is an incredible process that helps many achieve parenthood. However, it can be tricky to navigate, especially if you don’t have family or friends who have already experienced the journey. 

This was me back in 2016. Today, I’m a father to my amazing Ariel (turning 3 soon!) and founder of GoStork, the first fertility marketplace where intended parents can find, compare and connect with top fertility providers. Getting here wasn’t easy but I’m so grateful for my entire surrogacy (and IVF and egg donation) story…


How it all started

I always wanted to be a father – and as a gay man, I also knew I would need help to realize my dream. What I didn’t realize was how much time and work would be required just to map – and take – the very first steps in my journey. I spent weeks researching, completely losing track of the countless hours, weeding through many different websites, and making a ton of phone calls, back and forth emails, etc. just to get basic information (such as all of the costs involved). I found the fertility industry to be an amazing ecosystem of providers that helps so many, but it’s also scattered with no central source of structured information, very little transparency and no simple way to compare options ‘apples to apples’. I also found it very difficult to find an egg donor – I had specific criteria that I was looking for and each agency has a limited inventory so I had to go to four different agencies before I found ‘the one’. I’ve now learned this is a common experience for many other intended parents – so if you’re going through it as well, I can relate and am happy to connect with you about the process.

Eventually, I found a well established, full-service surrogacy agency with a strong track record, great reviews, and a team I could trust. Three months later, I matched with a wonderful gestational carrier. Everything then really fell into place in June of 2018 when Ariel came along. Despite all the difficulties at the beginning, I’ve been so grateful for my journey. It often takes something directly touching your life to realize that you can be of help to many others on a similar path. While fatherhood was always my goal, creating a fertility marketplace was a beautiful offshoot of my journey to parenthood.

My surrogacy journey inspired me to create GoStork… 

In early 2019, I left my career after 20 years in technology and started working on a marketplace that brings transparency to the fertility industry and simplifies the first steps in the family building journey – through unique innovative tools and an easy-to-use, 100% free platform. 

It has been a labor of love (some days I’ll admit were more labor than love) but in mid 2020, we launched GoStork. We are now the only fertility marketplace where you can search over 50 top surrogacy agencies, filter by your needs/preferences, compare options side-by-side and instantly message them or book appointments directly on their calendars. We also make it so much easier for intended parents to find their perfect egg donor. At over 10,000 egg donors from various different agencies all in one place, we’re the largest free online database! For both surrogacy agencies and egg donors, we list all costs upfront (transparency you won’t find anywhere else), helping intended parents save time and money. Just like Monica, we believe that finding the right professionals to support you on your journey will make your experience a more positive and empowering one.  


A Few Final Thoughts…  

GoStork is what I would have wanted when I was lost at the beginning of my search. I named Ariel as my co-founder and needless to say, she is just as thrilled as I am that we’re supporting so many more intended parents as well as the rest of the fertility industry along the way. 


For those of you considering surrogacy, good luck, it’s quite the ride, but the most rewarding I have ever experienced!

About Eran Amir

With more than 20 years of experience, Eran Amir has worked as both a software development and product management executive in Israel and the Greater New York Area. The development of GoStork combines his professional skill set with a personal mission. After undergoing a long, difficult, and costly process to expand his family via surrogacy and egg donation, Amir vowed to help other intended parents avoid the complexity and confusion he experienced. His passion led to the creation of GoStork, which proudly names Amir’s two-year-old daughter as its co-founder.


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