This is IVF… Celebrating our First IVF Child

Nov 11, 2021 | This is IVF...

Words by Monica Bivas | @monicabivas 

Today This is IVF story is the celebration of our first IVF child. Our beautiful daughter @ebivas. Our princess, you came to our lives to shine our paths, mine and your daddy @moshe_bivas .

You are a unique and amazing soul. You are full of love, wisdom, patience and understanding, watching you grow from the moment we were told that one of our embabies catched (you), was just unbelievable. You are truly the representation of the existence of a higher power. G-d must have for you a mission of love, a soul like yours is one of many needed so much in this world right now. Every day We learned from you new lessons, and We are honor that your soul choose us to be your parents. Happy 16th birthday our beautiful Eliyah!!!

May HaShem and the Universe fulfill you with more love than the one you already have, infinite happiness, health, success and abundance of only the good and beautiful things that live can offer. Never change that amazing soul and beautiful mind you have . You are a minch, our Minch. We love you forever, we love you for always, as soon as we are living our baby you’ll be…. Te amo infinitamente mi hermoso milagro de vida.

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