“Monica, the work you are doing helping mothers through IVF and infertility is invaluable and so very much needed. It takes a lot of dedication, compassion and passion to work with women at this highly sensitive and emotional time. I honour you for all the amazing work you are doing to help and support other women in such a heart centered way though this incredible process.”

– Sharon King, Author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life
Sharon King is the creator of Matrix Birth Reimprinting technique, international teacher and author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life: Tools to Transform Your Birth Experience and Create a Magical New Beginning. She developed the Matrix Birth Reimprinting protocols which became a foundational cornerstone in a self-help technique called Matrix Reimprinting.

“I couldn’t imagine going through my second failed cycle without her coaching me through it from day one!”

Monica makes it her mission to get YOU through your IVF journey and she goes the extra mile. I joined Monica’s Facebook support group shortly after my first failed cycle of IVF. Monica reminds me much of myself; always willing to help someone in need especially when it comes to those struggling with infertility. I knew she genuinely cared about me and my well-being when she checked in with me every step of the way. Monica’s positivity really rubs off on you and uplifts you in times of doubt.

— Amy Lynn Pratt

“Monica is thoughtful and loving”

Monica has helped me when I’ve been feeling low, she understands and takes the time to be there for me. She is thoughtful and provides so much support for me and so many others through our IVF journeys. Monica is a lady who brings us all together in many ways – she is a true true friend. Not many would do what Monica is and I’m so proud of her for doing so.

— Tina Reynolds, 

“Monica inspired to look for the positives, to believe again in the miracle”

I was beside myself an emotional mess and full of anger, full of thoughts like, “why didn’t it work!” I do not have any known fertility issues.

I searched forums and websites looking for other ladies in the same boat, only to be mostly left disappointed. There were so many negative stories and situations I began to feel doomed.

Then I found Monica. It instantly changed my life! Monica inspired me to reach into my spiritual self and look for the positives, to believe again in the miracle. Her holistic and spiritual approach to coaching was just what I needed and I feel in a much better place, making balanced decision and inspired to carry on and help others along the way.

— Maxine, UK

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