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with Monica Bivas, the IVF coach who has revolutionized the lives of women and couples contemplating or undergoing IVF treatment with her one 1–1 support program.
Whether you’re simply exploring your options, or you’re ready to move ahead, Monica provides support during every step of your journey.

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Right now, it feels like you’ll never achieve your dream of parenthood

You wonder why other women get pregnant as easy as breathing… while you’re stuck waiting on the sidelines.

You wonder why your treatments haven’t been a success… even though you’ve tried once, twice, or even more times.

You wonder if you’re being punished for something in your past… blaming yourself because somewhere, somehow, you must have messed up.

I’m here to tell you that none of this is your fault.

You deserve to be happy, have a baby, and grow your family just like everyone else.

I’m on your side.

… whether you’ve been debating whether to try IVF or not,

… whether you’ve already decided and you’ll soon be starting treatment, or

… whether you’ve tried IVF several times, but you haven’t gotten the outcome you’d hoped for,

I understand how desperately you want to hold your child, count sweet little toes, and breathe in that sweet baby aroma.

Let me help you realize your dreams.

I’m here to support and guide you, whether you’re:

  • struggling with the decision to try IVF treatment or not, and want guidance before you start,
  • ready to start IVF treatment, but you’re a bundle of nerves and anxiety about what’s coming next, or
  • already familiar with the IVF process and have done it several times, but haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for.

When my husband and I were going through IVF, we had no one to lean on, no one to talk to, and no one who offered consistent support.

You don’t have to go through the same thing. Going through fertility treatment can be overwhelming, but your experience doesn’t have be. I’m here to help you navigate the process, shake off the stress and anxiety, and embrace the joy of the journey!

I offer:

  • Consultation and guidance from the very start of your journey to help you find the right doctor and medical plan for you;
  • Coaching and advice as you go through the IVF process; and
  • Support once you’ve conceived, all the way through pregnancy and the birth of your brand new baby!

“I couldn’t imagine going through my second failed cycle without her coaching me through it from day one!”

Monica makes it her mission to get YOU through your IVF journey and she goes the extra mile. I joined Monica’s Facebook support group shortly after my first failed cycle of IVF. Monica reminds me much of myself; always willing to help someone in need especially when it comes to those struggling with infertility. I knew she genuinely cared about me and my well-being when she checked in with me every step of the way. Monica’s positivity really rubs off on you and uplifts you in times of doubt.

— Amy Lynn Pratt

This journey is unlike anything else you’ve done as a woman

After everything I’ve been through personally, and after coaching other women through this program, I know that when you go through IVF treatment, it helps to have support from someone who has already been there.

The Journey to Love © is a revolutionary coaching program that gives you 1–1 support during every step of your journey. From exploring whether IVF treatment is right for you, to the birth of your new baby, I offer guidance, support, and compassion through your journey.

How It Works:

We’ll have a complimentary call to talk about you, your concerns, and the Journey with Love program

You choose the number of coaching sessions that fits your needs

We set up a schedule for our calls: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, to meet your needs

Schedule your complimentary Discovery Call today!

During our Skype Call, you’ll feel as though you’re talking to your closest girlfriend. I like to keep it light – so we’ll share laughs, you can share your deepest concerns, and we’ll work together to choose the package that works best for you.

“Monica is thoughtful and loving”

Monica has helped me when I’ve been feeling low, she understands and takes the time to be there for me. She is thoughtful and provides so much support for me and so many others through our IVF journeys. Monica is a lady who brings us all together in many ways – she is a true true friend. Not many would do what Monica is and I’m so proud of her for doing so.

— Tina Reynolds, 

Ready for Some Support?

Chose the option that works best for you

“Monica inspired to look for the positives, to believe again in the miracle”

I was beside myself an emotional mess and full of anger, full of thoughts like, “why didn’t it work!” I do not have any known fertility issues.

I searched forums and websites looking for other ladies in the same boat, only to be mostly left disappointed. There were so many negative stories and situations I began to feel doomed.

Then I found Monica. It instantly changed my life! Monica inspired me to reach into my spiritual self and look for the positives, to believe again in the miracle. Her holistic and spiritual approach to coaching was just what I needed and I feel in a much better place, making balanced decision and inspired to carry on and help others along the way.

— Maxine, UK

Bonus Offers

No matter which package you choose, my goal that our time together makes you feel completely supported and able to make stress-free decisions  about your doctor, treatment options, birth plan, and anything else! I’ll help you release stress and anxiety so you can navigate this experience with ease.

I love and appreciate all my clients so much. I see them as an extension of my family.

I’d like to offer you these bonus gifts when you book and prepay for multiple sessions:


(with two or more prepaid sessions)

Call Your Baby’s Soul 

Book multiple sessions and get my 3 Steps to a Stress-Free IVF Journey program, along with my 3-part Complimentary Meditation Series for Soulful Women on an IVF Journey©


(with three or more prepaid sessions)

Choose The Perfect Reproductive Endocrinologist

Because sometimes you need to rely on more than just your instincts. Get my personal coaching to put you on the fast track to success so you can quickly and easily choose the Reproductive Endocrinologist who is right for you!


(with four or more prepaid sessions)

Survive Your 2ww 

Even though IVF treatment can be stressful, the 2ww can be the hardest on your mind and body. It’s only two weeks, but OMG, it’s two whole weeks! This bonus guide will help you get through this time with ease. You’ll even find yourself laughing, joking, and having fun. Who said this had to be stressful?

Ready to get support, and make your IVF Journey a success?

IVF Treatment can be stressful, scary, and overwhelming. Do you want to go through it on your own, or would you like a supportive partner to help you through?

You’re a great fit for this program if you are:

  • Compassionate
  • Loving
  • A heart-led woman who is going through this difficult journey
  • Ready to shift your experience and have a positive shift to create a better outcome
  • Ready to take control and responsibility for your conception and birth journey
  • Ready to find ease rather than complain about how miserable you are

You might not be ready for this program if you are:

  • Negative
  • Controlling
  • Close-minded
  • Nor willing to try to change your experience

Ready to make the leap?

I accept payments via paypal or credit card. I want this to be as easy as possible for you, so if you need to arrange a payment plan, let me know, and we’ll set up something that works for you!

IVF Treatment is expensive!!!

My husband and I spent over $60,000 dollars on procedures! I had hundreds of treatments and a really bad experience with a doctor before we fully understood how to navigate this path.

I don’t want you to waste your time or money in the same way I did. Bringing the gift of life into your world is precious, and I understand exactly what that means to you. I’ll support and guide you with with ease and love so that you can stay calm and relaxed throughout your entire journey.

When you click “I’m ready for a stress-free journey,” you’ll be taken to a form to make an appointment for our complimentary call. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours to confirm!

If you’re ready to welcome your baby into this world, and you want to do it with the help and guidance of someone who cares, take this chance to do something for you!

Do you have questions? No problem, because I’ve got answers!

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