Q. How do you meet with clients? What if I’m not in your home town?

A. If you are out of the country, or even out of town we can meet via skype and set a time that suits both of us.

Q. Will you help me stay positive through this journey as I experience so many emotions, feel stress, and experience overwhelm about all of the emotional, financial, medical, and practical decisions?

A. Absolutely yes, that’s the main goal. I’ll work with you each step of the way so that you make the choices that suit you best. We’ll work through visualizations and mindset exercises to clear your mind. I am committed to seeing you happy and at ease as you go through this.

Q. Can you help me relax and remove emotional and mental blocks so that I can go through this process with more ease?

A. Yes, together we can do meditation, practice affirmations, coloring and lots of other relaxing resources I’ll provide.

Q. Do you work with single women, or only married couples?

A. I work with single women and couples (heterosexual and same sex couples, there is no discrimination.)

Q. How involved should my spouse be in our coaching sessions and this overall IVF process?

A. This choice is between you and them, however it will be better if he wants to be involved.

Q. How did you deal with the emotional rollercoaster IVF brought you on?  

A. By living and be in the present moment, allow your emotions to flow but not being stuck on them, and always remember that there is always something good to come after any situation , good or bad.

Q. How did you keep going after your disappointments and failed procedures? How can I keep my mind right as I go through this?

A. I will give you the same answer as above. I focused on living the present moment and letting emotions to flow. I also encourage you to look at your life acknowledge everything you have. What are you grateful for? From that perspective consider what has more weight, the good or the bad? When you start to recognize this, you’ll be on the path to healing.

Q. What if IVF doesn’t work, or we decide that it isn’t the right journey for us? Will you still support us?

A. Yes, there is other options to try for a baby. Plus, I have great friends who are experts in the fertility field. My goal is to provide you with useful resources so I’ll refer you to them and we’ll all work as a team to achieve your goal of having your rainbow baby.

Q. Do you only support women currently going through IVF? Can you help me through my pregnancy or even after the birth?

A. My support doesn’t end with your cycles. My services are from the idea stage through to conception and even post-partum!

Q. How do I pay?

A. You can pay via paypal and also by credit cards

Q. Do you take payment plans?

A. Yes, email me and we’ll make an arrangement for monthly payments!

I know that you’re not making this decision lightly and I respect your time so much.

If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me: