Straightforward Answers to Straightforward Questions

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Straightforward Answers to Straightforward Questions

Using the power of visual testimony to revolutionise the fertility sector

A platform to enable patient’s to access the world’s leading fertility experts has been launched in a move which is intended to empower individuals and couples to take ownership of their fertility health. has a simple but very important aim. It offers anyone who has been affected by infertility the opportunity to ask the questions that are most important to them to experts who respond directly in jargon free, bite size videos which are freely available online. The principle is that audio visual resources provide solutions, advice and signposting in a more efficient way than having to plough through large numbers of websites for information. The new platform promises independent, transparent and honest feedback, accessible 24/7 from the comfort of your own home.

Supporting Patients and Professionals
FetiAlly will also invest heavily in the development of the newly created, European Fertility Society (ESF), a professional association which promotes best clinical practice and safeguards the interests of patients through the creation of peer led policies, recommendations and certifications. The European Fertility Society is also the go-to platform for treatment providers, supporting and promoting cross border collaboration, best practice and continued professional development for pindividuals employed in the fertility sector. The Society is run on a not for profit basis and is made up of leading fertility related specialists from all over the world. For each video answer published on the FertiAlly website a donation of 5 Euros will be made to the EFS.   

Trust and Transparency
Trust and transparency are at the core of the FertAlly approach as Aleksander Wiecki, one of its Founders explains, “ is designed to help patients find answers to questions regarding their fertility issues. However, importantly, the rationale behind the project was to create a place where patients could see and hear different approaches from fertility specialists they could trust.

Fertility patients can access a multitude of information online but many find this daunting, impersonal and don’t know where to start and who to believe. We believe that fertility issues deserve to be considered and shared in a safe, supportive environment. One which allows emotional, delicate and medical matters to be addressed by experts who are experienced in the field and are identifiable.”   

The promise of independent advice is not novel; a Google search for the term ‘infertility’ will identify over 57 million references to patient resources but what FertiAlly does offer is a collective response to patient needs from a group of respected practitioners, all committed to the idea of patient centred care and the rights of individual patients to choose their fertility destinies based on accurate information and advice.


Andrew Coutts, one of the fertility sector’s leading researchers on patient experience backs the launch of the new initiative, “Patients have traditionally been considered the passive recipients of care. The launch of FertiAlly is important, it provides the patient with tools to assess where they are in terms of their own fertility health, and importantly, gives them an honest and balanced appraisal of options. The patient is then able to make decisions about the care and support they want to receive and from whom.”  

Collaboration and consensus amongst professionals
FertiAlly is launching with the help of over 70 fertility experts representing the very best of what the fertility sector can offer; it will offer unparalleled access to patients and will represent the largest video resource available to patients around the world.                            

The platform aims to revolutionise the patient experience by offering bespoke advice and information which has been requested by patients. It breaks the mould in terms of collaboration with each expert voluntarily and independently offering their time and expertise for the benefit of the patient rather than on behalf of a treatment provider, service or product. The patient can therefore be assured that the responses created in the videos represent balanced and unbiased opinions.

In a world in which the numbers of people seeking advice and help for fertility related problems is increasing it is refreshing to see the emergence of a platform which puts patient care at the forefront of everything it does whilst promoting the regulation and professionalism of the fertility sector as a whole.

Anyone affected by or interested in fertility health can check out the new unique and innovative platform by visiting the FertiAlly YouTube channel.    

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