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Words by La-Anna Hope Douglas | @hopestillstands_llc

My name is La-Anna Douglas; I was born with only one kidney, a liver infection, blood on my stomach, severely dehydrated and jaundice.

By Age 10, I started my cycle. I suffered with horrible cramps and pelvic pain. By the Age of 15, I was told that my cervix wasn’t visible during my 1st Pap smear. Throughout my teenage years into my 20’s; I suffered with excruciating pain and the embarrassment of having accidents on myself.

After getting married, my husband Tim and I tried to get pregnant but were unsuccessful. Two years into our marriage, after having a hysterosalpiogram; I was diagnosed with having a didelphys uterus (a double uterus & a double cervix), 3 small fibroid & endometriosis via Laprisopic Surgeries. My Reproductive Endocrinologist recommended we try Clovis for a few months, but we still were unsuccessful with getting pregnant. Next was In Vitro Fertilization aka IVF. I remember all the app, ultrasounds, blood work, swelling, shots by husband in my belly and emotional roller coaster. Transfer Day came and went… The nurse called and said that we were NOT PREGNANT!! Almost 7 Years had passed by this point and after trying IVF I was so depressed that I was close to taking my own life.

I blamed myself for not being able to get pregnant. I was also still carrying the weight of my past sexual abuse and bullying I experienced as a little girl. I remember one day standing in my kitchen, looking at each knife to see which one was sharp enough. I could see myself grabbing a knife & cutting my throat. But I thank the Lord that by His grace I didn’t go through with killing myself. God spoke to my heart and He told me that my life had a purpose. God gave me the name “Hope Still Stands”.

So my husband and I decided to just enjoy life as a couple and celebrate each other. Within a year, we became pregnant naturally with a baby girl by God’s grace. She is truly a miracle.

After having our daughter, I found a new purpose to share my testimony to help others.

If I had killed myself, our daughter would not be here about to celebrate her 10th birthday.

At the end of 2020; I was ready to have a hysterectomy because I was tired of the pain. Up to that point, we were experiencing 8 years of secondary infertility and I didn’t think we would get pregnant again after having our first child, so I was ready to move on and be pain free. But my husband’s faith was unshakable and he wanted to try again for a baby. So we stepped out on faith together. After several exams including an ultrasound, MRI and a ballon procedure; the High Risks OB doctors explained to me that I qualified for a Robotic Lapriscopic Myomectomy to remove the cause of my pain, which was the 3 large fibroid I’ve had for years had grown significantly with the largest being 5cm sitting in between my 2 uteruses.

In February of 2021; I had the Robotic Myomectomy (lapriscopic) to remove the Fibroids along with a Hysteroscopy because my 2 cervixes were closed.
By the end of August of 2021; I was turning 40 and I started to feel different. My husband also took notice, and he encouraged me to take a pregnancy test but I didn’t want too. It had been almost 9 years since our first child, who was 8 at the time, was born. Mind you we had already gone through 8 years of infertility prior to this moment in our lives.

Finally, on 9/21/21; it was a Sunday morning right before church, I took a pregnancy test and by the grace of God I was pregnant. Which means I was already pregnant in August! There is something about the number 8 for our family, which if you didn’t know means New Beginnings! My family and loved ones are so overjoyed at what the Lord has done. No words on how excited our family is for this blessing. I am so grateful my journey to Motherhood has given Hope to all my Endo, Fibroid, PCOS sisters and all the Ladies/couples going through infertility! I see you and my heart is with you. I am so thankful for all the support and encouragement to me throughout this journey. Always Remember-Miracles still happen every day!

Mrs. La-Anna Hope Douglas

A Hebrews 11:1 Ministry
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