During this past year and a half as an IVF Coach, and being myself an IVF patient and mom, I have learned so much from every lady and couple that come to me for support and advice. As well I’ve heard so many stories and journeys that made me cry from happiness and sadness at the same time, but always convince me again, that a fertility journey can teach us courage, compassion and love.

Here is one of this amazing stories: The Journey of Christily. A lesson of courage, love, strength and not giving up.

I leave this thought here for all of you out there walking the difficult path of infertility. Maybe you can find some answers within yourself.

Christily was diagnosed at age of 22 with premature ovarian failure and was post menopausal, meaning she didn’t have any eggs and her ex-boyfriend didn’t believe in anything but natural conception so she decided to go and do it alone.

She was determined to have a baby and was pregnant with twins but lost one when she was 5 weeks pregnant due to stress. If the journey to get pregnant and losing one was not enough…

Her beautiful miracle baby was born 12 weeks early at only 28 weeks 4 days on 2/21/2016 weighting only 2 pounds 7 ounces. She was in the NICU for a long 57 days!

It was emotionally draining and Christily cried everyday but baby Aria (thats how she named her), smooth sailed through it.

It was very tough to Christily, to see baby Arya fight for her life. But she was a fighter and today is a healthy baby.

Christily, allow me to tell and share her story here, so it can reach more women and couples over the world and show them not only an example of courage and strength, but also to show them, that motherhood can be possible, even if all the possibilities to get there seem impossible.

Today baby Aria is 1 year old.

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