Art Therapy and Journaling are empowering and supportive tools that can be used during any time of stress in our lives. As a Mindset & Holistic Fertility Coach and from my own Struggle towards motherhood, I found out that anything related to creativity was extremely helpful during my journey. 

TTC itself if is something we are looking for in a planned way, is stressful by itself, so imagine TTC with ART help… brings even more stress than Trying naturally, however, no matter which way we choose or have to go with to reach motherhood, it brings anxiety, stress and self-doubt on the process itself while walking it. 

So, from my own experience and difficulties I had during my Fertility Journey (5 cycles of IVF to be more exact), I realize that one of many tools I could use to relief stress and keep my mind occupied with peace and some ease was Journaling and Art Therapy.  

Art therapy can be something form Coloring pages, to knitting, to oil painting, to pottery or anything that can wake up the creativity side of our brains, for me Coloring was my favorite, as well as journaling. 

These two tools are very effective for stress relief.
They also are a form of mindfulness and meditation. This tool allows us to get out of our head from that anxiety and worry and look within our hearts, look within this sacred space that is our core. 

They help us visualize somehow the beauty of creativity and tunned in with our intuition and unique core essence, it gives us space to focus on creating and by itself uplift our physical body, our mind, emotions and spiritual side. 

Is a, lovely and fun way to bring calm and ease specially when we are anxious and doubtful, which is very common during a fertility journey.


Art therapy & Journaling keeps us in the present moment, teach us to be aware that we can’t control the actual, situation and help us to ground ourselves. In Other words, these two tools are a great support to lean into when any situation is out of our control, and we by default start to have fears, worries, anxiety and desperation.


I have created few fertility coloring pages and a gratitude journal, to help you start leaning into this tools, as I mention above this were incredibly helpful during my fertility journey and even now are still something I enjoy to do and even teach to my children to do whenever they feel stress or anxious from the everyday things that could happen in our living world.



As always with love and Light,
Monica Bivas

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