Know A Little Bit More About Me



🟣 I am from Bogotá -Colombia pure Latina and proud of it.
🟣I am Jewish and found out the roots of my Judaism when I was 10.
🟣I am a combination of classic, feminine & tomboyish kind of girl. (I usually show it in my dressing style)
🟣 My husband is Israeli, I am his third wife and we met 20 years ago on



🟣I am 50 years old but my soul and core are still a teenage girl that loves teenage dreams.
🟣I absolutely love to dance my favs are electronic music, and all Latino music, salsa, merengue, Cumbia, vallenato, you named it.
🟣One of my must-dos on my bucket list, before I die, is going with my hubby to three of the biggest music festivals: Tomorrowland, Burning Man, and Estereopicnic so I can dance until the end …

🟣I told my two daughters exactly how they were conceived, (via IVF) so they know how much wanted they were.
🟣My favorite place in the world is Medellin-Colombia.
🟣My favorite cravings are salty, not sweet.
🟣I am terrified of cockroaches, absolutely terrified.
🟣I love spiders and snakes because they eat cockroaches and I also had a pet snake when I was in college.

🟣I studied Finance and Business and I have an MB in Hotel & Tourism.
🟣My favorite color is purple.

🟣I live in the Jungle for 2 years.
🟣I love life, but when my soul will be back home, I want to stay there and be the janitor of the Universe.
🟣I am a little crazy and challenging.
🟣Garbage, feet, and bills are my weird things.

🟣I know that sometimes I have no tact to say things, and that might be not so good, but is ok, not everybody has to like me as is just normal in any human not to like everybody. I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea right?

🟣I believe that happiness is a choice as well as suffering, so I chose to make my pain my purpose.
🟣 I am not a liberal nor a conservative, absolutely not secular. I believe in one G-d creator of humankind, and I believe in respecting others’ opinions and choices without becoming enemies. For me, kindness, compassion, giveness, love, joy, and hard work are not determined by race, skin color, religion, or beliefs, I just love to see through someone’s soul.

And that’s some things about me.
Nice to meet you 😊
Share with me about you… would love to know u a bit better 💜