The support I wish I had before starting IVF

Jul 13, 2020 | Uncategorized

  Sixteen (16) years ago, when I first started my fertility journey through IVF, I was super excited thinking it was going to be a smooth and easy process that would allow me to become a mom. The truth is that I was so naive and had zero knowledge about IVF. My journey was a real roller coaster and I felt alone and unsupported. I know now that if I had the right support by my side, things would have been easier for me. This was one of the main reasons that inspired me to become a fertility coach, focused on helping couples thrive through their IVF journey with emotional support. This new journey of helping other women in the same situation I was in years ago, has given me the amazing opportunity to get to know and develop real friendships with other fellow fertility coaches. Because I know how hard is it to go through IVF without the right support, I would like to share two of my favorite fertility programs:

  Jasmine Katakiman, is a fertility warrior who struggled to have a child for six years. After multiple IUIs and her 2nd IVF, she was told that she had less than a 1% chance of having a baby and to stop trying. However, she didn’t give up!   Using her background as an artist, she applied an artist’s mindset to overcome her roadblocks and design a life that gave control of her fertility journey and moving forward.   As a result, she became pregnant within months of being told that she wouldn’t be able to conceive. Today, Jasmine has two beautiful kids, both through IVF. On her program, she helps women release the emotions, stress, and pure exhaustion of their fertility journey easily by approaching it with a mindset of an artist, so they can live a life where no obstacle will ever get in their way of being “happy.”.    


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Enhance your fertility with the best yoga for fertility teacher!

Erin McCollough is Founder of Fertile Hope Yoga, the world’s first online fertility yoga studio allowing women to practice from the comfort of their living room floor.

For more than a decade, Erin has been leading the industry with her in-person yoga fertility program at the CNY Fertility Center in Rochester, Buffalo, Albany and Syracuse, New York owned by Dr. Robert Kiltz. She’s the Co-Creator of The Fertile Secret book and has helped thousands of women reach out and hold their baby after they had been told they could never get pregnant.

  🧘 FREE YOGA FOR FERTILITY COURSE Get off the emotional roller coaster of anxiety and develop a sustainable sense of inner strength and faith regardless of the many unknowns, imperfections, and no guarantees. GET THE FREE YOGA FOR FERTILITY COURSE HERE   😁 If you need some daily affirmations to help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts. Download your free affirmation deck here!  

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IGNITE Your Fertility is a proven, science-based and safe mind-body program developed with the support of a reproductive endocrinologist. It is designed to meet you exactly where you are no matter what type of cycle you are choosing (including breaks).

Learn More Here and save the link for later if you would like to join     As mentioned above, these are two of my favorite fertility resources to help you go through your fertility journey and succeed on your treatment. I will be sharing new resources each month!   Sending you love and light, Monica Bivas

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