The IVF Planner

A personal Journal to organize Your Journey through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

About The Planner

In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is a complex process that can involve multiple medical teams and points of contact, and it is a significant financial investment. The cost for treatment includes numerous medications, appointments, daily tests, and procedures. Predictably, IVF is the theme of endless books, websites, blog posts, and articles.

I have created this Journal, based on my personal experiences with IVF, to help you organize the process, handle stress better, and bring focus and clarity to your personal IVF journey. I created The IVF Planner both as an information guide and for you to write your own story. On this Journal I touch on everything from the basics of the process to financing to a support network and more.

For me the IVF journey, no matter the end result—negative, positive, or even cancelled cycles—takes strength, takes courage, and teaches you to be disciplined. Though expensive and challenging, it’s a journey to be proud of.

IVF Must Have
I’m loving this journal. Perfect for keeping meds a doses and times in check, great info, and free journaling space as well.
Very glad I purchased this, and hope other like it as much as me. Lots of love and baby dust to you all
– Kelly C. Sweeting-Burns

A versatile guide to the IVF Process
This has been a helpful guide through my IVF process so far. The text is well written and the charts are very versatile – I know that I will be glad I kept track of the most important parts of my treatment! This book makes me feel like I have a good friend guiding me through this process and I’m no longer navigating alone.
Jessie Weintraub

A Must for Anyone Going Through IVF
IVF is hard enough emotionally and of course, physically. The IVF Planner is a fantastic resource to ease the stress on the organizational side of things. A wonderful tool to track progress, medication, doctor visits, and everything else in between. Monica Bivas shares her personal story and experiences which allow the reader / patient a perspective of someone who has been there, too. Easy to read and toss in your purse or briefcase, this book will become your other half while going through the required motions of IVF. This planner makes a great gift to those living the daily life of IVF, and for me, someone who already went through IVF, it allowed me to think back upon everything I experienced which are beautiful moments in time I will never forget.
IVF Author

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