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Growing up, I had a clear vision of what I thought my life should look like. Study hard, get into a good school, have a promising career, get married, have 2.5 kids, house with white picket fence, work work work work work work hard, and then I get to retire at 65. Sound familiar? I went along blindly on this path and checked all the boxes off, thinking I was well on my way to a “happy perfect” life until it was time to have kids. I still remember how I had it all planned out – start trying at 30 and have three kids by 35. Easy right? A couple of months turned into a year. Before I knew it, I was sitting in the doctor’s office at 35 years old, with no kids, after countless procedures, tests, drugs (including multiple IVF cycles) being told that I had less than 1% chance of having biological children, and I should stop trying.

But, wait! According to my vision of the perfect life, I was supposed to have three kids by now? What happened? I felt lost, devastated, overwhelmed, exhausted, and everything in between. This is the moment that changed everything. It’s the moment that I finally stopped and took time to think. Who am I? What do I really want? What are my priorities? (Not what society defined for me, but what I uniquely wanted). This is also when I stopped letting life happen to me and empowered myself with the confidence and tools to use my professional abilities in my personal life. I work as an animation artist by profession, where I use creative thinking and problem-solving every day to overcome obstacles. 

When I was given the news, I had less than a 1% chance of having a child. I was devastated.
But, it was also that I realized that life is full of obstacles and problems, similar to the ones I tackle at work. The solution is applying creative thinking and problem-solving to overcome the challenges. I like to say to those I work with; there are always multiple paths and solutions; we need to tap into our creative thinking to figure it out. And that is precisely what I did. In fact, within months of being told that I should stop trying and being given the devastating less than 1% probability, I became pregnant! I owe it to the art of creative thinking. 

Today, I have two biological kids, both via IVF.
This is IVF. Don’t give up hope. There are always solutions, and you can tap into your creativity to discover them. 


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