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Jul 20, 2021 | Fertility Stories, This is IVF...

Words by  Kinetra Washington | @kinetrawashington |

My journey began quite early when it was discovered that I had uterine fibroids in around 1998.

During the removal, it was determined that because of the location, my left fallopian tube and left ovary also had to be removed. After waking up from surgery, I was devastated because I knew that when I was ready to have a family, my chances may be limited. I remember my doctor saying to me, “don’t worry, you only need 1 ovary and 1 tube.” Since I was very young then, in my early 20’s, I figured it would be several years before I would get married and have children but the concern never left me.

Fast forward to my early 30’s, I married the love of my life, who was a couple of years older. We traveled, started businesses, enjoyed life together to one day we decided we wanted to expand our family! We were then ready to start planning to have a baby, or two or three! I was about 36 when we realized that it had been some time trying with no luck. We decided to research fertility doctors to see if there was something hindering that positive test and it was quickly determined that it was! Those feisty fibroids had returned….my initial thoughts were that I only have 1 tube and 1 ovary and just what if they have to remove those? My mind began to wonder and the stress and anxiety began to take over.

I then had to undergo another surgery but thankfully my tube and ovary was left intact! After healing, both my husband and I began all of the testing to make sure everything was okay. We then became pregnant within 4-5 months! Finally our dream came true…but not with a lot of pain. We lost our baby girl while I was 6 months pregnant due to me having severe pre-eclampsia. I was devastated….we were devasted. It took a major toll on us mentally and emotionally.

We were told not to try again but we did not want to give up on our dreams of being parents. We then explored surrogacy….which was a major undertaking and process in itself. Of course, I had to undergo IVF treatments which was successful on the first try. I was only able to produce 7 eggs of which only 2 were excellent quality. I know that my age played a significant role in that.  Thank God or the wonderful gestational surrogate that we were connected to. We were able to use our own eggs and sperm to produce biological kids of our own. We now have beautiful boy/girl twins that have brought us so much joy and unconditional love. The wait, the pain, the questions, uncertainty, the financial burdun, all of it, was a great lesson for both my husband and me. We learned so much through the process. For anyone else on their personal journey, have faith, take one day at a time, celebrate the small wins and utilize support by finding your tribe. I’d love to be a part of it.

Kinetra Washington
Fertilty Mindset Coach

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