Words by Ola Toke  | @fertilityconversations | 

My name is Ola and I am from Nigeria.

I am the founder of Fertility Conversations which was started to encourage conversations about all things fertility & infertility and to create a more supportive environment. In addition, I hope to raise awareness about Infertility with the ultimate goal of destigmatizing Infertility in the society.

Hope & faith have been such huge pillars for us in this journey. After experiencing multiple pregnancy losses with life threatening conditions and coupled with our need for genetic testing to prevent a rare genetic disease, we moved forward with IVF treatment. We have done 6 cycles so far and will proceed to the 7th. 

My husband has played a major role in my awareness campaigns and advocacy. He encouraged me to start my podcast ; 

Fertility Conversations, during the lockdown in 2020 and I have since released over 40 episodes. He has also been instrumental in me starting my foundation to raise awareness and to help people feel less alone. 

I am an extremely private person and would usually keep my affairs private. However, I feel that my desire to create awareness supersedes my need for my privacy in the aspect of fertility. We are still on our journey to becoming parents & have focused our energy on providing a supportive space for others experiencing fertility challenges. 

We are both passionate about being a force for change to hopefully create a better experience for the younger generation. We believe there should be better fertility education in our younger years, better education about menstruation, sexual health, fertility preservation, impact of mental & physical wellbeing on fertility, benefits of counseling, support groups, fertility coaches, information about alternative paths to parenthood, destigmatization of infertility and better awareness campaigns about many other fertility related issues. 

Due to the pandemic & travel restrictions, our upcoming cycle is on hold, but we are so thankful for ability to explore treatments and options available to us. We are thankful for life & so many blessings. Though IVF offers no guarantees, we are holding on to hope & faith trusting that it will end in praise.


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