This is IVF… Waiting For a Miracle

Jun 29, 2022 | Fertility Stories, This is IVF...

Words by Ogechi Florence  | @faith_fertility

My name is Ogechi, and I live in the UK with my husband.

I am an HR professional. I also volunteer for the Fertility Network UK charity, which supports people going through fertility struggles. I host the Fertility Network UK Black Women’s Group meeting every month, including assisting the charity in running the group.

My husband and I have been married for seven years. In 2017 I was diagnosed with fibroid and blocked tubes. I had my first myomectomy in 2018. It took a few months to recover.

We started our first IVF cycle in 2019. However, my cycle was interrupted due to fibroid in the uterine cavity. In 2020 I was advised to have a second myomectomy.

When we were ready for the embryo transfer, the world faced a global pandemic, which caused delays. The transfer ended up taking place in 2021. Unfortunately, our first cycle failed.

Earlier this year, we decided to do our second IVF cycle. But, after the egg collection, we could not proceed with treatment. I am currently waiting for keyhole surgery due to having blocked tubes. Hopefully, I will get a date soon.

I hope to continue with treatment after recovering from surgery.

I will continue to volunteer while I’m waiting for my miracle. Volunteering enables me to connect with other women going through similar fertility struggles.

This is IVF... Giving My Ovaries a Pep Talk!
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