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It Takes Two! Beli Has You Both Covered.

You can’t lift the sectional alone, and you won’t make a baby make a baby by yourself, either. Parenthood is a partnership that begins long before baby is born, during the 3-6 months leading up to conception (we would argue that it starts even before that!).

Your preconception window is a golden opportunity for both men and women to fuel for fertility in order to help increase your chances of conception, staying pregnant, and passing on a legacy of vibrant health to your baby. Sperm and eggs both need the protection of a well-nourished parent environment as they mature in preparation for a healthy conception. The right fertility supplements can make a measurable difference.

What’s better for baby than a great prenatal? 

Two prenatals—one for her and one for him. 

The nutrients men and women need for optimal fertility health can be hard to get from diet alone, and the fertility health of each parent can impact your ability to get pregnant, stay pregnant, and deliver a healthy child. We dove deep into the science of fertility nutrition to create our Beli for Men and Beli for Women complete preconception and prenatal multivitamins. 

The thoughtfully-formulated nutrients in Beli prenatals have been shown to promote many factors of fertility health, such as improving sperm count, protecting egg quality, reducing the length time it takes to get pregnant, and increasing the likelihood of carrying a healthy baby to term.

Beli Women is complete preconception and prenatal support for mama and baby

Before conception, Beli for Women Prenatal nourishes fertility health with the science-backed nutrients that have been shown in clinical trials to protect and promote egg health: vitamins B6, B12, E, and K12. Once pregnant, our prenatal supports healthy fetal development with methylfolate, a natural and superior form of folic acid that is easily absorbed by mama’s body. Beli Women Prenatal also contains the recommended level of choline, an important nutrient involved in neural tube development that is often missing from other prenatal vitamins. Our high-quality iron and TRAACSTM minerals are gentle on the stomach, and help to provide lasting energy for birth and postpartum recovery.

Beli Men helps increase sperm count and boost energy

Getting pregnant is largely a numbers game, so we formulated our Beli Men Preconception and Prenatal  with the nutrients that studies show can help increase sperm count, protect sperm while they mature, improve sperm morphology and motility, and increase the likelihood sperm will successfully fuse with the egg. Beli’s proprietary Vitality BlendTM of antioxidants can help curb oxidative stress which damages the DNA sperm carry, plus a powerhouse adaptogen called Shilajit, long prized in Ayurvedic medicine for its ability to help improve sperm quality.

Even after conception, our carefully calibrated blend of high-quality nutrients supports hormonal balance for lasting energy during the transition to fatherhood. Men can start showing up for their future families before baby is born by taking care of their fertility health. The simple act of supplementing with Beli Men Preconception and Prenatal  is a tangible way to show your partner that you’re serious about supporting her and for your future child. 

The science is clear: the health of both parents affects your odds of conceiving, carrying and delivering a healthy baby. The proper nutrition, including Beli’s high-quality targeted prenatals for him and her, can help you co-create the family of your dreams.


Baby-making takes two! Beli has you both covered.

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